We are able to take your mundane Miata and convert it into a 200hp torque monster! 

The process is fairly simple. You bring us your Miata, we perform the conversion, and you get your Miata back with a fast, reliable engine conversion.


The basic conversion package includes the following:

  • A good used 2.4L Ecotec engine

  • A used GM wiring harness, ECU, and gas pedal

  • New cast exhaust manifold

  • Exhaust connection pipe to existing Miata exhaust

  • Complete EcotecMiata swap kit


Of course, it includes all the labour as well.


Several upgrades are available such as:

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Radiator

  • ACT Lightweight Flywheel

  • ACT HD Clutch Kit

  • High Performance Exhaust system

  • Exhaust Header

  • Performance ECU Tuning

  • Cylinder Head porting/camshaft upgrades

  • Forced induction Turbo/Supercharger

  • Upgraded Transmissions, and drivetrain

  • Upgraded Suspension/Brakes/etc


Basic Conversion Cost Starting at $ 5699


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