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Power Steering Kit

This kit allows you to retain your Miata’s power steering with an Ecotec engine. It is designed to use the power steering pump and bracket from an Ecotec engine, and mates it to the Miata steering rack and reservoir. All of the original Miata hard lines on the steering rack are retained. It uses the standard Ecotec alternator and accessory belt tensioner. All of the hardware to mount the bracket to the engine, the pump to the bracket, and the alternator to the bracket are included.


The kit includes a bracket designed to support the upper radiator hose at it passes over top of the power steering pump pulley. This prevents the hose from sagging and making contact with the belt. Note: Early L61 engines will use only one of the two bolts on this bracket, see the picture. Later engines and all 2.4L versions use both.


Included in the kit:

- High pressure Teflon lined braided stainless steel hose

- Rubber suction and return hoses

- Hose clamps

- NA or NB specific adapter fittings - Upper radiator support bracket

- All required hardware


Optional Items:

- 5 rib accessory drive belt (Additional $20)


Items not included:

- Ecotec power steering pump with pulley

- Ecotec power steering pump bracket


The required pump and bracket can be sourced from the 2011-2013 Buick Regal. We’ve included the part numbers for the pump, bracket, and pulley. Generally if you purchase the pump used it will include the pulley. If you purchase a new pump it will come without a pulley.


Bracket 12628024

Pump 13309277

Pulley 12605176



The pulley used with this pump and bracket has 6 belt ribs. The normal Ecotec engine uses a belt with only 5 ribs. This is not an issue. Install the belt on the rear most grooves of the pulley, leaving one empty groove at the front. Alternatively, you can install the 6 rib crank pulley, 6 rib alternator, and 6 rib belt tensioner all from the 2011-2013 Buick Regal. This is, however, not required. Our kit optionally includes a 5 rib belt, not a 6 rib belt. If you intend to add our air conditioning kit in the future, you may want to switch over to the 6 rib setup. Again, this is not required.

Power Steering Kit

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