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EcotecMiata Engine Mount Kit

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery


Version 3

- Single mount for NA and NB cars. Spacer included for NB cars or NA cars which require more steering rack clearance

- Hardware included for 2.2, 2.4 and Direct Injected Ecotec engines.

EcotecMiata Engine Mount Kit

  • - Designed as a drop in to your stock NA/NB subframe

    - No subframe modification needed for installation

    - Uses two fasteners per side to the subframe for increased strength versus the factory Miata single fastener per side

    - Designed to allow use of the factory Ecotec turbo oil drain port

    - Mounts come standard with polyurethane inserts

    - Includes sway bar relocation brackets with reinforcement plates. Requires the use of adjustable sway bar end links

    - No hood clearance issues! Minimal hood gusset trimming required on NA cars

    - Select between L61/Gen1 engines or LE5/Gen2 engines at checkout to ensure you receive the correct hardware

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