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EcotecMiata Complete Swap Kit V3.1

Kits are custom built to order. Not refundable once ordered.


Please allow at least 8 weeks for delivery.

Kit includes the following individual components:

- Billet Flywheel

- Oil Pan kit
- Engine Mount kit
- Transmission Adapter kit
- Cooling System Hose kit
- Air Intake Kit


Updates for the Version 3.1 kit include

- Same great oil pan baffling, now tested with 1000/500 springs and Hoosier 275 A7 tires, with NO starvation problems

- Sway bar relocation brackets have been updated for easier installation

- Flywheel adapter replaced by our NEW billet chromemoly steel flywheel

- Tighter tolerances on the bellhousing adapter

- All kits include water temp sender and oil pressure port adaptor

- No more engine/chassis specific kits. Kit now includes all necessary hardware for any Ecotec engine and spacers which allow the use of the engine mounts in either NA or NB chassis.


*Does not include engine

EcotecMiata Complete Swap Kit V3.1

  • Kit includes the following individual components:

    - Oil Pan kit

    - Engine Mount kit

    - Transmission Adapter kit

    - Cooling System kit

    - Air Intake Kit

    - Oil pressure sensor adapter (NB also includes coolant temp sensor)

    This complete swap kit is designed for the enthusiast that wants entry level supercharged or turbocharged 1.8 Miata performance, without all the issues that surround those builds. We generally suggest the LE5 engine, for its broad torque curve. This engine best simulates the low RPM torque of a M62 supercharged 1.8L engine, while giving horsepower numbers similar to those achieved with a basic bolt-on entry level turbo system. It, however, has none of the short comings of either of those boosted solutions. Upgraded radiators are not needed, external oil coolers are not needed, no worry of turbo bolts coming loose, no need to carry a spare supercharger belt, no intense underhood temperatures. Simply enjoy the pleasures of a light, nimble Miata with a much needed boost in power. In the complete kit we also include an oil pressure sensor adapter to allow you to install your existing Miata pressure sensor into the Ecotec engine. For NB applications we also include a coolant temp sensor that connects to the OE Mazda coolant temp gauge on the dash.

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