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ECU Wiring Patch Harness

ECU Wiring Patch Harness Used Ecotec wiring harnesses are often missing a section of harness and a connector at the ECU. This is commonly referred to the as the Body harness. We now offer this missing link for connecting the Ecotec to your Miata.


This harness includes connections for the following items:

- Switched Ignition supply

- Constant Battery supply

- Accelerator Pedal

- OBD2 port

- Cooling Fan relay

- Fuel Pump relay

- MAF/IAT sensor

- Check Engine light

- Tach output **

** Tach output is only available on E67 ECUs. E37 ECU users will require an OBD2 port expander, such as the Dakota Digital STA-1000 for a tach signal.


The harness is supplied with oem Delphi connectors for the MAF, Accelerator Pedal and OBD2 port. Unterminated wires are supplied for the remainder of the connections.


E37 ECUs have two large connectors, one gray and one black. This harness is the black one, J1

E67 ECUs have three connectors, gray, black, and blue. This harness is the blue one, J1

ECU Wiring Patch Harness

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