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EcotecMiata Wiring Harness

EcotecMiata Wiring Harness


Designed for a direct plug and play wiring installation. The complete kit even includes pre-terminated cables to allow you to easily extend the starter and alternator cables.


An E67 ECM is included with our latest dyno tuned mapping for a stock LE5 with the 1320Peformance Slingshot header and 2.5” high flow exhaust.


Custom length engine harness fits the Miata engine bay perfectly. Highest quality automotive grade TXL wire used throughout. Includes waterproof fuse/relay box. Harness length allows ECU installation by the driver’s side shock tower. The harness also includes the Purge solenoid connector for installations that require that for emissions compliance.


The key to the plug and play claim is our unique firewall bulkhead connector. This allows a single connection between the engine harness and the interior harness of the Miata. The harness includes preterminated OBD2 and Throttle Pedal connectors. The interior portion of the harness includes a break out box that allows for direct connection to your Miata’s original ECU plugs. This allows the Ecotec ECU to use your Miata’s existing fuel pump relay/fuse, radiator fan relay/fuse and air conditioning wiring. The break out box also supplies the Ecotec ECU with constant and switched power.


Kits are available for 90-93, 94-95, 99-00 and 01-05. 96-97 is available as a special order. Please contact us for details.


Also available is a Racer version. This still includes the firewall bulkhead connector, preterminated OBD2 and Throttle Pedal connectors, but no break out box. It simply has flying leads for simple connection to your race car’s minimalist wiring. There is no provision for AC in the racer harness.


For use with 06-07 LE5 MAP sensor, and throttle body. Harness includes connector for Late Ecotec 2 pin alternator


Please contact us with any questions prior to ordering.


Lead time 4 weeks.


Save on shipping by combining this with a swap kit!

EcotecMiata Wiring Harness

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