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Ecotecmiata Air Conditioning Kit

This kit allows your Miata to retain air conditioning with the Ecotec engine. This kit includes a bracket to mount the A/C compressor, lines to connect to your existing Miata A/C system, a belt tensioner pulley, a new accessory drive belt and all the mounting hardware required. Optionally, you can choose to include the A/C compressor itself.

Ecotecmiata Air Conditioning Kit

  • The Ecotec engine normally uses a 5-rib belt, but we have found during testing that quick shifting at high RPM with the A/C engaged can cause the belt to slip. The only way to fix this problem is to use a 6-rib belt. Luckily, all the components required to convert the Ecotec to 6-rib are readily available from donor cars, or new from your local dealer. This A/C kit requires the use of power steering. The power steering pump and bracket donor car will also have the correct alternator, belt tensioner, and crank pulley. Our kit includes a new belt tensioner pulley that must be used in place of the factory Ecotec tensioner pulley

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