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DIY Racer Swap Kit

Custom built to order, not refundable once ordered.


Please allow 8 weeks for delivery. Contact us for current lead time.


Due to popular demand we are releasing a bare bones swap kit. This kit was primarily designed with the capable racer/mechanic in mind. It gets you our race proven baffled oil pan, engine mount brackets, bell housing adapter and a new low cost flywheel adapter.




- Fasteners

- Intake components

- adapter fittings

- sensors

- hoses

- clamps

- etc...




Everything mentioned above will need to be sourced out, purchased and/or made by you. Please ensure to read ALL tabs below very thoroughly and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.


Now includes our new Locking Dipstick designed for the rigors of racing.


Kits now include engine mount spacers for use in NB cars or NA cars which require more steering rack clearance.

DIY Racer Swap Kit

  • The only significant difference with our new low cost flywheel adapter is that it is not a bolt-on solution like our normal adapter. This new version requires the end user to modify their existing Miata flywheel. Don't worry, no machine shop or specialty tools required. You'll need a drill press, and a 7/16” drill bit. Instructions are included with the kit. This is essentially the same piece we have been running on our race car for two years.

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