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EcotecMiata Billet Flywheel

We are proud to release our one piece billet chromemoly steel flywheel for the Ecotec swap. This flywheel replaces the current flex plate, adapter and Miata flyhweel assembly. This greatly simplifies installation! Racers using the protoype flywheels have reported quicker revving, less vibration and less noise.


Designed to use a Miata 1.6L clutch kit for lower inertia and longer transmission synchro life. 


This flywheel was designed using FEA and crankshaft torsional vibration information. The hub area was optimized to be as light as it could be while preventing the bolt hole cracking that can happen with other swap kit flywheels that are poorly designed. The mounting flange and bolt hole depths are optimized to ensure maximum stiffness of this critical joint and full thread engagement into the crankshaft.


The flywheel includes all hardware required for installation:

- ARP flywheel bolts

- Clutch Pressure Plate bolts with lock washers

- Thread locker for flywheel bolts.


We offer this flywheel for the 8 bolt 2.0L crankshaft due to customer demand. If you are using a LSJ/LNF/LDK/LHU 2.0L forced induction engine your only sensible option is to mate it to a 6 speed Miata transmission. The 5 speed will shatter in short order. We have had great success with a 6 puck sprung hub heavy duty clutch in these applications. Limit the engine torque to around 300lbs-ft for race use. You will have to remove and block the oil cooler ports. An external oil cooler is recommended.


EcotecMiata Billet Flywheel

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